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There are quite a few methods to treat or manage sinusitis with nasal polyps, and this often requires a combination of treatment options. They range from lifestyle changes and over-the-counter remedies to prescribed medications and surgery.1,2

With any treatment, the goal is to:2

reduce inflammation

Reduce inflammation (swelling) in the sinuses


Allow the nasal pathways to circulate air properly


Enable mucus to drain


Address symptoms that impact quality of life

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For many, trying home remedies for chronic sinusitis is an easy place to start. Home remedies recommended by ENTs include saline nasal irrigation with a…

holding pill


Medical therapy for chronic sinusitis and/or chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps typically involves physicians prescribing antibiotics to treat infection and/or oral or nasal steroids and medication to treat inflammation…

balloon sinus dialtion


Balloon sinus dilation is performed by an ENT surgeon using a balloon catheter. It can be performed in an ENT’s office under local anesthesia with less…



Endoscopic sinus surgery can offer the chance for meaningful relief from painful chronic sinusitis symptoms. With sinus surgery, an ear, nose…

Treat inflammation from chronic sinusitis where it happens

Learn more about post-operative sinus stents
wind lines

Your Chronic Sinusitis Self-Assessment

Chronic sinusitis symptoms often get misdiagnosed as other conditions. Allergies, colds and upper respiratory infections share similar symptoms. Yet, chronic sinusitis is a specific category of disease with many new treatment options available. Use our self-assessment to determine if your symptoms could be related to chronic sinusitis.


Have you experienced any of the following symptoms for 12 consecutive weeks or longer and are over the age of 18?

  • Facial Pain, pressure or fullness
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty breathing through nose
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Drainage of cloudy or colored mucus


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