Sinusitis Stories

The videos below reflect individual responses to PROPEL® Sinus Stent. The accounts given are genuine and documented. Each video represents a unique individual experience and does not provide any indication, guide, warranty or guarantee as to the response other people may have to PROPEL. The response other individuals have to PROPEL could be different. Responses can and do vary. See your physician for more information. Learn more about the risks associated with PROPEL here.

Barbara suffered years with constant congestion

Barbara feels like a brand new person

Jared thought he suffered from a common cold

New therapy has Jared breathing easier

Tammy, mom of triplets, was intimidated by surgery recovery

After putting off sinus surgery for 2 years, she actually found the recovery process to be easy

Emily was stopped up all the time

Emily noticed she was breathing easier immediately after surgery

Lizette was fighting her allergies, and had developed nasal polyps.

When Lizette woke this time around, she was able to breathe and didn’t have any packing in her nose.

Betty suffered for 10 years

She can breathe through her nose after surgery

Mike didn't realize what he was missing

Mike finds it nice to not have to worry about breathing any longer